From the minute Galloping Acrobatics enter the arena you will be mesmerised by the remakable feats of gymnastic, acrobatic and equestrian skill on display.  Gaze in awe as Tinker and Casper thunder past with Rosie standing on their two backs.  Laugh as Casper catches things in his mouth before admiring his high stepping Spanish walk.  Watch in amazement as Tinker skips around the arena with a giant five metre skipping rope, before having his bridle removed to be vaulted on at complete liberty.  Ask Casper a mathematics question – multiplication or division today?  The incredible level of communication between Rosie and her horses will have you enthralled from start to finish.

Shows comprise not only vaulting at liberty (even completely bridleless at times!), but also lively commentary from horseback, exquisite equestrian dances, a skipping horse, a dog agility horse and a mathematician horse, as well as all manner of trickery imaginable both with and on the horses.  All performances also include a high speed Roman riding round robin – with a vaulting twist!  With beautiful vintage inspired costumes, up-beat sound tracks and plenty of razzle dazzle, Galloping Acrobatics is arena entertainment like you’ve never seen before!