Well what a busy week we have had - and not just for the usual reasons! Last Friday (9th August) was travel day up to Scotland, ready to perform at Dalbeattie Civic Daze on Saturday. In the morning it became clear that I wouldn't be able to go however, as my baby had decided she was coming - nearly three and a half weeks early! Luckily we have some amazing friends, and Jake stepped in to save the day, driving the lorry and team up to the show. Adam rushed home from working down in South Wales, and we spent the rest of the day having a baby! I spent most of the day at home, but we eventually decided on a transfer to hospital, as she was slightly malpositioned and had been stuck for a few hours. But half an hour later at just gone midnight she was born in the back of the ambulance in a layby on the side of the A5! Happy birthday Orla!!

Whilst I was in hospital on Saturday, feeling more than a little shell shocked, the girls defied the horrendous weather and put on two fantastic shows up in Dalbeattie. It takes more than a bit of rain to stop play though, and everyone had a brilliant day, despite getting very, very wet! It was Dolly's (Jess) last show with us sadly, as she's now off exploring Bali for a month. Dolly has been brilliant all summer and we shall miss her!

Next up was mega week - which we have all been looking forward to (albeit with some trepidation!) all summer. I was planning on doing this last chunk of shows before calling it a day, but with Orla now here we had a lot of logistics to rearrange. On Wednesday Adam set off with the lorry, and new team member Sarah (Vaulting with Sarah) who would be joining us for the week long tour. I've known Sarah for about twenty-five years or so now I think - we used to belong to the same vaulting group!

They headed up to Southport Flower Show, where they would be performing on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was Sarah's debut performance, and it went perfectly! The weather was beautiful, the audience were fantastic, and everyone reported back what a wonderful show it was - the photos look amazing! I was planning on going up on Friday and taking Orla - she'd be at her first show at just six days old! Friday came and unfortunately the weather was once again horrendous, but off we went. We arrived just in time for the first performance, and watching from the other side of the fence is the most bizarre thing! I felt overwhelmingly proud of my amazing horses - they really are the most phenomenal boys. They behaved absolutely impeccably throughout the entire show - even though it was absolutely chucking it down. Helen and Imie were also incredible - again, I am so, so lucky to have such an amazing team! The show itself was beautiful. I've been wanting to perform there for years and years, and was so looking forward to it. I'm very much hoping we'll be back in future years so I can get in the arena myself!

Next up they headed off to Lincoln, ready to perform at Lincoln Castle on Saturday. Thankfully the weather changed again, and they all had a brilliant day in the sunshine, performing in the gorgeous castle grounds - the pictures look perfect!

Back on the road again last night, they trucked down to Cheltenham, and have spent today performing at the The Midcounties Co-operative Family Fun Day, which again has been a success all round! As it's close to where I'm from originally, and also near where Imie lives there was friends and family watching, all of whom have told me how they're all doing me proud - and I couldn't agree more!

There's one final stop on the tour, Cromer Carnival (Official), where the team will be performing on Tuesday. Adam will be coming home tonight having driven the lorry around the country all week, and Kim will take over for the final stretch.

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a week, and I am so incredibly grateful for everyone that has helped keep the show on the road - you are all amazing. Also thank you to our sponsors HorseHage & Mollichaff, who have kept Tinker and Casper fuelled up for the week. The show must go on, and on it has gone, but without Adam, Helen, Imie, Dolly (Jess), Jake, Sarah, Kim and of course the main stars of the show Tinker and Casper it wouldn't have. I have no words to describe how thankful I am to you all. THANK YOU!

I've been sent some wonderful photos from the last week already - enjoy!

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Lovely peaceful evening at the 5 Parishes Summer Show . We're on at 12.50pm and 3.10pm tomorrow if you fancy a grand day out! ...

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3 weeks ago

Galloping Acrobatics

What a fantastic weekend we've all just had at Netley Marsh Steam & Craft Show, it's one of our absolute favourites! Sunny weather and fantastic crowds, it was just the perfect summer show. Thank you for having us!

Thank you to Imie Barnes for photos one and two, and Sue Berkeley LRPS CPAGB for photos three and four 😊

Also thank you to our wonderful sponsors HorseHage & Mollichaff for keeping the boys fed and shiny!

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Dolly and Casper made the paper from Presteigne Carnival! ...

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Here's Dolly! Since I'm a fatty Dolly has stepped in and been vaulting away on the boys all summer, and has been doing a fab job! You can see her (and the rest of us!) in action at Presteigne Carnival today, with performances at 2pm and 3.30pm 😊

Thanks once again to Brett Allen for the photo!

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